Distance To Empty is on a mission to tell stories of human pursuit against all odds

What’s the background here?

The fuel light just came on. Anxiety sets in while you calculate how far you have left before you’re stranded.

You’re hours into a big ride day. It’s now 95 degrees. Water bottles are low, and you’re wondering how long you can make it with what’s left.

You’ve been battling it out with a competitor. You’re on the rivets, and yet you know what it’s going to take to best that person. How long can you keep it just below the red before you blow up?

Or maybe, someone saved your life with a kidney transplant. Knowing you’re living on borrowed time, you wake up every day asking yourself if you’re spending that time wisely.

In any of these situations, there’s a fundamental question:

“What’s my Distance To Empty?”

We’ve experienced and witnessed all of these things firsthand. Starla stood by Gino’s side as he survived a kidney transplant in April 2017, and then double bypass surgery in January 2020 because he was born with a rare, chronic genetic disease that tries every day to shorten the distance he can go. But, Gino is a fighter, and we keep on squeezing every day for all we can, together.

Starla has experienced her own turbulence since being forced to be on her own at age fifteen. As a professional athlete, accidents, head injuries, broken bones, and an autoimmune disease that threatened to take her life have all provided plenty of opportunities to quit. Every rock in our trail has been an obstacle to navigate and tackle to keep moving forward.

Our Distance To Empty is why Starla pursues sport at the highest level. It’s why Gino keeps pushing against a body that doesn’t want to be pushed.

It’s not enough to be alive; we need to live.

Our mission is to leverage the abundance in our lives and find people who are pursuing life against all odds – in sport, business, the pursuit of freedom, or anything else – in the hope that we can tell their stories with the aim of encouraging people to stop procrastinating, stop making excuses, and to actually live and fill their own tanks with joy, passion, and adventure.

What’s your Distance To Empty? Let us know. Maybe we’ll get to tell your story.

Starla Teddergreen & Gino Zahnd
January 2022, Boulder County, Colorado

Who we are

Get to know us

Starla Teddergreen is a professional cyclist originally from the far northeastern corner of Washington, not far from both Canada and Idaho. After more than a decade of racing professionally on the road, she made the switch to gravel and mountain bike racing in 2021.

Gino Zahnd is Starla’s number-one fan. He’s also an entrepreneur and designer recovering from 25 years in the tech industry. He’s originally from the Dirty South HQ, Atlanta, Georgia.

Starla and Gino are married, and live at the edge of where town and mountains meet in Boulder County, Colorado. They have two Australian Shepherds named Abi and Angus, and they really don’t feel comfortable writing about themselves in the third person.

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Distance To Empty Racing

DTE Racing

Hi! I’m Starla Teddergreen. I’m a pro racer, and have been a mentor, coach, and advocate for equality in cycling throughout my career. As the pandemic hit, and life as a professional road racer for the past 15 years changed, I saw an opportunity to grow as an athlete and do things that challenge and oftentimes scare me. In 2021, I made the transition from the road to gravel, mountain, and adventure racing, and it was one of the most challenging and rewarding seasons of my career. The experience inspired me to dig deep, and develop my own racing program that embodies the spirit of pursuing athletic potential, creates opportunity, inspires, and develops bravery and determination through cycling, sport, and adventure.

2023 Distance To Empty Pursuit Awards

DTE Pursuit Awards

The Pursuit Awards are designed to empower and provide opportunities in cycling for young girls and women who are looking to pursue something on the bike, whether it be competing in their first-ever gravel event or pursuing a goal of becoming a professional cyclist, but lack the support system and resources to get there.

We will be issuing four 2023 Distance To Empty Pursuit Awards to Colorado-based girls and women pursuing cycling against all odds. With the support of Starla’s 2023 sponsors and Colorado race promoters, awardees will receive entry into select gravel races, supported sponsor products, and a year of mentoring from Starla. New Awardees will join three of our 2022 riders (one moved out of state) who will be program ambassadors and your rockstar teammates.

If you ride gravel bikes or are interested in riding gravel bikes, want to participate in gravel events, and are based in Colorado then we want you to apply. We can’t wait to hear your stories and meet all of you!